Blue Scuti Makes History: 13-Year-Old YouTuber Becomes First to Conquer NES Tetris

Willis Gibson, known as Blue Scuti on YouTube, has achieved the unimaginable by becoming the first person to “beat” the iconic NES Tetris, a feat previously thought possible only with the help of AI. This monumental achievement comes almost 40 years after the game’s release on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

NES Tetris: An Unbeatable Classic

The classic Tetris for NES, introduced in 1984, presents a unique challenge as its limitless game mode theoretically continues indefinitely. To “beat” the game, one must reach what’s known as a kill screen. Blue Scuti accomplished this extraordinary feat without any assistance from artificial intelligence, proving that the seemingly unbeatable can indeed be conquered.

13-Year-Old Blue Scuti’s Journey to Becoming the First NES Tetris Champion

Blue Scuti, a 13-year-old content creator, has been sharing his NES Tetris journey on his YouTube channel for a considerable time. Engaging in friendly competition with the current Classic Tetris world champion, Justin “Fractal,” Blue Scuti aimed to make the game crash, a challenging task that requires advanced skills and strategic gameplay.

In the 2023 Classic Tetris World Championship, Blue Scuti shocked the gaming community by securing third place at such a young age. This achievement set the stage for his historic conquest of NES Tetris.

Unlike contemporary games that offer a definitive end-screen upon completion, NES Tetris’ endless mode lives up to its name, lacking a last level on paper. However, due to software limitations in this aging title, players can crash the application by progressing too far under specific conditions.

To trigger a kill screen, players must demonstrate exceptional proficiency, and until Blue Scuti’s breakthrough, it was believed that only AIs possessed the capability. In 2021, an AI program named StackRabbit caused the NES Tetris to crash, but Blue Scuti has now proven that human skill can surpass these boundaries.

During Blue Scuti’s historic run, he missed the theoretical line at which the game could be beaten, set at 1,489. Undeterred, he continued to play with precision, eventually reaching line 1,511 on level 157. This marked the moment when NES Tetris crashed, making Blue Scuti the first person to beat the game without relying on external software assistance.

Blue Scuti’s achievement showcases not only his exceptional gaming skills but also the enduring appeal of classic games and the ongoing potential for surprising accomplishments within the gaming community. The young YouTuber has etched his name in gaming history by proving that, with dedication and skill, even the most challenging games can be conquered.

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