BLACKPINK Jisoo Sparks Excitement Among Fans as She Delves into Scripts for a New Movie

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, known for her enchanting presence on stage, recently sent fans into a frenzy as she disclosed her involvement in script reading for an upcoming movie during Lee Hyeri’s YouTube chat program, Hyeri’s Club. This unexpected revelation has sparked excitement among fans, anticipating the return of “Actress Jisoo.”

Fans Stunned as Jisoo Talks About Reading a New Movie Script and Admits Not Feeling Pretty in Middle School

Jisoo’s journey into acting began with the successful drama “Snowdrop.” Now, she’s set to portray Young-ju in the upcoming project “Omniscient Reader,” slated for release in 2025. Additionally, fans can anticipate her role in the fantasy thriller “Influenza,” based on Han Sang-woon’s novel, where she will share the screen with Park Jung-min and Kim Joon-han, under the direction of Yoon Sung-hyun.

The revelation of Jisoo diving into a new movie script has ignited fervor among fans, who eagerly await the next chapter of her acting career. The anticipation is heightened with the singer’s successful transition from the stage to the screen in her previous projects.

Jisoo’s Surprising Confession on Lee Hyeri’s Show

During the chat with Lee Hyeri, Jisoo made a surprising confession about her self-perception during middle school. She admitted to not feeling pretty and went on to share an anecdote about how her classmates’ actions contradicted her beliefs.

However, an old classmate, choosing to remain anonymous, came forward on social media to debunk Jisoo’s perception. The classmate stated that Jisoo was always popular and considered extremely “pretty” among her peers. This revelation painted a different picture of Jisoo’s school years and showcased her humility.

The Unveiling of Jisoo’s Humble Persona

Jisoo’s revelation about her middle school experience resonated with fans, highlighting her grounded personality despite her global success. The unexpected confirmation from a former classmate added a layer to Jisoo’s narrative, portraying her as a down-to-earth individual who may not have fully grasped her own natural appeal.

BLINKs Celebrate Jisoo’s Beauty and Anticipate Her Return

On Twitter, the BLACKPINK fandom, BLINKs, celebrated Jisoo’s beauty and shared their excitement for her upcoming projects. The revelation about her middle school years, coupled with the news of her script reading, created a wave of support and admiration for the multifaceted artist.

In essence, Jisoo’s candid moments on Lee Hyeri’s show not only provided insights into her personal journey but also fueled the anticipation surrounding her acting ventures. As fans eagerly await her return to the screen, Jisoo continues to captivate audiences with her talent, beauty, and humble demeanor.

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