Bigg Boss 1 Written Updates 5 January 2 Today’s Episode

In this article, we are going to give you the details of Bigg Boss 17 5th January 2024 Written Update. Currently, Bigg Boss 17 is the highest-rated television show, and viewers are eagerly anticipating today’s episode. The show, also known as Dil, Dimaag Aur Dum, is one of the most popular reality shows on television. Bigg Boss premiered on ColorsTV on October 15, 2023, and audiences can also watch the 24-hour show on JioCinema. Salman Khan will once again host the show. The show’s popularity is growing with each passing day. In this reality television show, contestants reveal their true selves, and viewers learn about their two faces.

Bigg Boss 17 Written Updates 5th January 2024

Further, Bigg Boss is the highest-rated show on ColorsTV. The audience enjoys watching the contestants living together and performing various tasks. However, conflicts between the contestants are common. As usual, today’s episode starts with the house contestants as Ankita Lokhande is talking about the other house members. She declares everyone as selfish as no one discusses before taking the ration.  She blames Samarth, Arun, and Abhishek as they all take the much ration. Munawar comes to Ankita and tries to console her. However, Bigg Boss makes an announcement in which he talks about Ankita as her priority is ration.

On the other side, after that, Isha Malviya felt upset and disappointed with her for making Ankita Lokhande the captain of the house. Meanwhile, Ankita asks Abhishek why he took the 3-to 4 milk packets without discussing it with the other contestants, he admitted that, at that time he was only thinking about the nation and took whatever was captured in his eyes. Later, Munawra and Abhishek are sitting in the garden area, talking about Isha and Samath’s mind gameplay. Munawar carefully listens to Abhishek’s words what he is saying about Isha and Samarth. On the other side, Samarth is entertaining Isha and Mannara by doing mimicry of Abhishek.

At the moment, Samarth is doing the acting of Abhishek while Arun is provoking Samarth. The next morning, the housemates woke up with a new energy. They all arrive in the garden area and dance to BB Anthem. Ankita gets offended when Vicky talks with Mannara and asks her for the food. She sees that Vicky is taking care of Mannara. Ankita feels sad and asks many questions while Vicky shouts at her for speaking without thinking. Later, Vicky says I never stopped you from talking with Munawar. A heated argument is created between Ankita and Vicky.