Arun Yogiraj: sculptor with a five-generation legacy

Unveiling the life of Arun Yogiraj, an illustrious sculptor, and the unique insights into his career and dedication as seen through the eyes of his wife.
Arun Yogiraj, an artist of high repute, is a sculptor who hails from a lineage with an extensive heritage in the art form, reaching back over five generations. Having received an MBA, Yogiraj still chose to follow his heart, dedicating his life to sculpting. His notable works have been lauded by figures such as Prime Minister Narendra Modi. His commitment to his craft is manifest in his recent work on the idol of Lord Rama for the Ayodhya Ram Mandir, an embodiment of his artistic prowess and expertise.

Introducing Vijetha Arun Yogiraj, The Wife of Arun Yogiraj
Vijetha Arun Yogiraj is the wife of renowned sculptor Arun Yogiraj, a man who comes from a family with a deep-seated history in the realm of sculpting. Vijetha, in her capacity as Arun’s supportive spouse, offers a unique window into the life and dedication of the sculptor. During an exclusive interview, she divulged specifics about Arun’s daily schedule, emphasizing his unwavering dedication to his craft. Arun Yogiraj kick-starts his day at 6:00 AM with exercise, dedicating at least ten hours to his sculpting, often extending these hours when working on projects of national significance.

The couple’s journey together is characterised by Arun’s artistic fervour and his dedication to upholding the family’s sculpting legacy. During Arun’s six-month stint in Ayodhya, where he meticulously crafted the idol of Lord Rama for the Ayodhya Ram Mandir, Vijetha and their two children remained in Mysore. Vijetha shared the family’s elation and anticipation regarding the recognition of Arun’s idol for the Ayodhya Temple, describing it as a “dream come true.” She illuminated Arun’s commitment, asserting that he constructs masterpieces that leave no room for error, working relentlessly until he captures the essence of Lord Ram in his creations.

Two Children Complete Arun Yogiraj’s Family
Arun Yogiraj and his wife, Vijetha Mohan, have two children. While there is scant information available about the children, their presence undeniably infuses a delightful and substantial dimension into the life of the renowned sculptor. As Yogiraj continues to shape his legacy in the sculpting world, his role as a committed father to two children adds a personal touch to his narrative.

The family highly values their privacy, enabling the children to grow and develop away from public scrutiny. While the particulars about the children remain undisclosed, their importance in the sculptor’s life is evident, helping strike a delicate balance between his artistic endeavours and the warmth of family ties.

Arun Yogiraj’s Family Background
Arun Yogiraj, the celebrated sculptor from Mysuru, Karnataka, comes from a family that has a rich history of sculpting, lasting five generations. Being born to this distinguished lineage, Arun’s artistic journey is deeply entrenched in the teachings and skills his father, Yogiraj, and his grandfather, B Basavanna Shilpi, passed down to him. His grandfather, who was patronized by the Mysore kings, was a student of Shilpi Siddanthi Siddalinga Swami, the royal guru of the Mysore palace.

Yogiraj’s early exposure to sculpting started at a young age of 11, under the tutelage of his father. Even though he briefly ventured into other professional fields, he returned to sculpting in 2008, acknowledging his true passion and calling. The decision wasn’t without its challenges, as his mother initially had reservations about him leaving a corporate career. Yogiraj’s family legacy, highlighted by artistic brilliance, royal patronage, and a commitment to fostering the next generation of sculptors, remains central to his identity and professional journey.