Anupama’s latest episode stirs drama with Pari’s birthday celebration

Anupama, the beloved television drama, has some fresh updates for its dedicated viewers. In the latest episode, Kinjal begins by ensuring everyone that the food being served is nutritious and safe. Baa responds with a query about preservatives used in modern food to prolong its shelf life. She nostalgically recalls how, in their village, they used to make fresh rotis daily from freshly ground wheat. They would also grind their own spices and their water was fetched from a well or a hand pump. She reminisces about the health benefits of food cooked on a Chula, a traditional Indian stove.

Baa and Kinjal then delve into a conversation about parenthood, discussing the responsibilities and significance of raising their children. Anupama, the show’s eponymous character, presents gifts to Pari, the youngest child, which makes her older sister, Choti, delighted. Although they want to celebrate Pari’s birthday, they hesitate to invite Vanraj due to his restrictive nature. Anuj, another character, and Choti discuss the gifts for Pari, and how Anupama has always made sure to gift her on every occasion. However, Choti refuses to accept the gift, leading Anuj to promise to have a word with her. Meanwhile, Anupama encourages Tapish to dance as Choti adorns a cake with Pari’s name, reminding him of Vanraj’s words.

Following Tapish’s warning about the potential complications of staying in Mumbai, Dimpy decides to depart. She promises to call Tapish occasionally to see if he misses her, leaving him moved. As she bids him farewell, the song ‘Chana Mereya’ fills the room, and she leaves in tears. Vanraj assures Baa that he will plan a memorable birthday party for Pari. When Toshu seeks assurance that Vanraj isn’t angry with him, Vanraj encourages everyone to move on and focus on enhancing Pari’s life. He also invites them to visit three or four times a year.

At Pari’s birthday party, everyone extends their heartfelt wishes. Vanraj, after discussing the celebration with Baa and Babu Ji, pleads for them to remain cheerful. Choti shows signs of jealousy when Anupama arrives. Kavya tells Kinjal that Anupama’s presence is due to an invitation from Vanraj’s son and boss. Anuj, recalling Vanraj’s words, calls and urges her to leave. In the precap, Anupama is seen holding the cake while Vanraj glares at her with anger. Malti Devi suggests making fun of Anupama. Kinjal admits to inviting Anupama when Vanraj criticises her for arriving uninvited. Vanraj requests Kinjal to ask Anupama to leave, and she does, leaving the event.