Anupama Written Update Of 4 January 2 Today’s Episode

Here we are coming back with a new fresh episode of Anupama. The fans of Anupama are curious to get today’s episode details. This report will give you the details of Anupama’s 4th January 2024 written update. Today’s topic is “Kavya Takes a Stand for Dimpy against Vanraj”. The episode of starts with Anupama. She asks Vikram what happened. Vikram says there is only one chance and don’t let it go, you will understand everything. He takes her to Yashpal and tells him that Vijay has a break-up. Yashpal says then what do I do. Vikram says I know you don’t care about the staff’s personal life but Vijay has not broken up with only his girlfriend and even had a break-up with his work, he has no focus on his work.

Yashpal says okay fine, today I will help you in the kitchen. Vikram says but there is more helping staffs ars needs. He says if I tell Anupama, she knows everything and even we don’t teach her. Anupama requests one chance to Yashpal. She says I will not complain and even I don’t need money for the extra work, I hear that you are a great chef, I will learn from you. Yashpal agrees. Anupama and Vikram smiles.

Anupama Written Update Of 4th January 2024

Kavya comes to Vanraj and throws the flowers at him. Vanraj shouts at Kavya and asks her to stop it. She throws tahli and yells at Vanraj. Everyone comes there. She says what is your problem, why can’t you see anyone happy, Titu is a good guy. Vanraj asks Kavya if she doesn’t care about this house and my rules. She says you are controlling your family member’s life. Pakhi says I am alone and happy so why can’t Dimpy stay alone, even though she has a son, house, and family?

Kavya asks Pakhi to don’t compare herself with us. Vanraj asks Dimpy if she wants to go from this house. Back in America, Yashpal helps in the kitchen with Anupama and Vikram. Anupama says to Vikram that sir is the magician of food. Anupama prepares the food and Yashpal sees her. Yashpal tastes the food and asks her to make tomorrow’s weekend food. Anupama feels happy and thanks Kanha Ji. Aadhya says to Anuj I know this is the last minute plan but my friends want a party. Anuj picks Anupama’s saree decoration thread from the floor. Shruti calls Vikram and asks about Joshi Ben. Anupama says Jai Shree Krishna on call. Anuj hears the voice and gets doubtful. Shruti requests Anupama to come to prepare food for the party.