Adin Ross Drops Clues: Is the Streamer Secretly Involved in GTA 6?

Adin Ross has once again grabbed the attention of everyone, and this time it’s due to his claim about being in GTA 6. The popular Twitch streamer is known for frequently going viral. However, this time he is making claims related to the much-awaited game, GTA 6. But is Adin Ross really in GTA 6?

Read ahead to know more about Kick streamer Adin Ross’ claims about being a part of GTA 6.

Adin Ross claims about being in GTA 6

Adin Ross and his streams often go viral for various reasons. After being banned from Twitch and transitioning to Kick, the streamer has once again caught the attention of everyone on social media, and this time it’s due to one of his claims about the much-anticipated game, GTA 6.

The streamer recently made claims about GTA 6, stating that he is a part of the upcoming game. After the release of the game’s trailer, Ross took to X to share the news that he has a role in GTA 6. This has sparked reactions from everyone on social media.

More about Adin Ross’ claims about being in GTA 6

Adin Ross, in his claims about GTA 6, mentioned in his recent live stream, even hinting at when the other trailer of GTA 6 would come out. Ross said, “Yeah, i will be in GTA 6 chat. I can’t speak on a lot of like, ‘when’, but you’ll see me in the following trailers probably, begining to mid next year”.

According to Ross, fans of GTA 6 would get to see what the streamer’s role in the game would be. Meanwhile, all of these claims by Ross have already been making netizens react. Social media was flooded with reactions from most of those who came across Ross’s claims.

Netizens react to claims of Ross being in GTA 6

Many netizens came across the claims of Adin Ross where he had talked about being a part of GTA 6. Not to miss, the much-awaited game has already released one of its trailers, and now everyone is looking forward to seeing what more will happen in the game that could be new.

Though the game is expected to come out in 2025, and we have more than enough time for it, netizens commented on Ross’s claims on social media. One user wrote

, “If he’s in there he’s gonna be that one npc everyone beats up when they get out the hospital”. While one said “Games dead then”.

Not to forget, Ross has stated that his role in the game isn’t a big one, but it still could be important. As he said, ” I don’t play a big role in GTA 6, but I play a role where it’s like, ‘Oh shit’”.

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