Adam22, Wife Lena The Plug, and Lil D collaborate in Plugtalk –

Adam22, his wife Lena the Plug and Lil D video is trending online and people are eagerly searching for the full video.

But who are Adam22, his wife Lena The Plug and Lil D, and why people are so excited for their video? We will explain it all.

Adam22 is a YouTube star who married Adult Actress Lena the Plug, in May, 2023. Right after the Marriage, Adamand his wife Lena the Plug Launched a Reality show in which they invite different actors and stars for competition and the winner gets the chance to join the couple for a performance for one of their Onlyfans videos.

And now, Adam22 claims it ‘takes a REAL man to share his wife’ as he and spouse Lena the Plug prepare to debut video of THREESOME with man who won a competition to join them in their marital bed.

One month after the married pornstars launched the reality show For the Love of Lena, that saw contestants fighting for a chance to have a threesome with the couple, they have now shared that the winner is Lil D. 

Lil D was born on August 6, 1999 in Harlem, Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA. He is an actor and director.

Adam, 39, and Lena, 32, have made headlines in the past months after the No Jumper podcast host granted his spouse permission to sleep with another pornstar, Jason Luv, on camera. 

Now, after many men fought for a chance to be involved with the husband and wife duo, Adam and Lena have released their first male-male-female video tape. The video of three was released on Plugtalk’s website, and Onlyfans page where fans can watch that after paying the subscription fees.

Their show For The Love of Lena saw 10 male competitors vying to climb into bed with them, according to TMZ.

The series was released to YouTube last month and included competitors such as TikToker Cripmac and pornstar John Legendary.

It comes after the couple went viral for indulging in a live threesome with ‘OnlyFans teacher’ Brianna Coppage who famously quit her job after she was ‘outed’ over her adult content last month. 

Before the steamy scene took place, Adam and Lena sat down with Brianna, 28, who shared that there are ‘a lot’ of teachers creating content on the adult website.

She explained how she was ‘outed,’ and said: ‘I did a scene with a couple of my close creator friends.

‘My face was blurred on Twitter, my husband’s was not. So that was probably part of it – someone definitely recognized.’

The former teacher added: ‘I would say I’ve received like 10 per cent negativity. 90 per cent are just saying, “Leave her alone. She’s allowed to have a private life.”‘

During their chat, Adam pushed for educators to be allowed on the adult site and said: ‘Teachers should be allowed to have an OnlyFans.

‘But then as soon as you start talking about the orgy, I just don’t think the kids are going to be able to contain themselves when they know their teacher is doing an orgy.’ 

Brianna’s husband also lost his job as a builder of power lines over the raunchy content. Prior to quitting, the teacher was put on leave.

She had been making $42,000 per year as an English teacher at St. Clair High School on the outskirts of St. Louis and was using OnlyFans as a means to pay off her student loans.

The educator-turned-pornographer, who goes by the moniker Brooklin Love online, previously revealed that she had no regrets about leaving the education industry. She added that has since pocketed $1 million from the platform. 

Since the controversy, her bio has been amended with a message to prospective followers that says: ‘Yes… I’m THAT teacher.’ 

Adam faced furious backlash in July after he announced that he had let Lena perform on camera with Jason Luv. 

In a statement to Twitter, he wrote: ‘It’s officially been a week since I let my wife do videos with another guy.

‘I felt a little jealous at first but overall it wasn’t that big a deal. She’s watched me sleep with hundreds of girls and it’s never affected our relationship.

‘Sleeping with that gentleman has been amazing for both her career and our business.

‘Overall, I’m glad we did it and I’m happy to report her vagina has returned to its original size.’

Just one week later, Lena took to her husband’s podcast to share that she was left in pain for ‘three to four’ days after sleeping with Jason. 

‘I was in a lot of pain for a few days, so having sex [with Adam afterwards] was you know, [he was] a little traumatized by me being like, “Ouch, hold on,”‘ she dished. 

She added that she didn’t think any permanent damage had been done to her, insisting, ‘I don’t believe that a part stretches from having play once for 40 minutes with a bigger [Rod].’

At the time, Lena shared that engaging in the act with the other man had improved her romance with her husband, explaining that she and Adam had more workout than ever afterwards because she believed he wanted to ‘assert his dominance.’

The 32-year-old added that the idea of her husband watching her performances turns her on and that ‘every time’ she and Adam talk about the scene, it leads to the two of them having a game. 

More recently, Lena teased a scene with multiple guys.

To promote it, Adam shared an image of his wife surrounded by five different men, writing, ‘It’s time,’ alongside a devil emoji.