Aadhaar card and voter ID linking in India: process yet to start

The Indian public is keen to understand the latest developments concerning the integration of Voter ID with the Aadhaar card. This article aims to shed light on the current status of this process.

Lok Sabha was recently informed that the process to link Aadhaar card with the Voter ID, a significant move in India, hasn’t started yet. The Law Minister, Arjun Ram Meghwal, confirmed this during a recent session, further adding that no deadlines have been set for the completion of this process. Therefore, as it stands, the government of India has not initiated the linking of Voter identity cards with Aadhaar cards.

For individuals curious about how to link their Voter ID with their Aadhaar card once the process begins, they would need to send an SMS to 166 or 51969 in this format: ECILINK.

Law Minister Meghwal clarified that the procedure to link Aadhaar with the Electoral Photo Identity Card is driven by the process, not the deadline. He also reassured that the linking process, though imminent, is voluntary. The Indian Election Commission has further confirmed that the linking of Aadhaar and EPIC is yet to be started.

The minister also highlighted that the deadline for submission of Form 6B, which is used to link the Aadhaar card, has been extended by a year. The new deadline now stands at the end of March 2024. Meghwal made these statements while responding to a question from Congress MP Pradyut Bordoloi. He also reassured that the names of individuals whose ID cards are yet to be linked would not be removed from the voter list.

Addressing the issue of data security, the Union Minister explained that the Election Commission of India maintains data with multi-layered security architecture. The electoral data is encrypted both at rest and in transit. The commission, as per Article 324 of the Constitution, is responsible for the superintendence, direction, and control of the electoral roll’s preparation.

Finally, it’s worth noting that this discussion comes shortly after the government announced its plan to create a unique identity linked to the Aadhaar card. This move aims to safeguard the rights of migrant workers. The related data would be stored in the e-Shram database, and all construction and building workers across the country would be mandated to carry this identity.